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Certificate of Engineering Education


Our Program

The CEED program is the only 100% online certification program for engineers in teaching and training roles who are seeking to improve their learning outcomes in educational settings.  Developed by leading practitioners and researchers in Engineering Education, this program is designed for current or future engineering professors, instructors at universities and community colleges, and engineering trainers in industry. 

Through completion of this program, participants will:

  • Build an evidence-based teaching portfolio demonstrating competency in instructional practices and curriculum development
  • Distinguish themselves in the hiring, promotion, or tenure process
  • Enhance professional skills by developing innovative and engaging teaching practices

Curriculum Offerings

This two-semester program consists of four courses each lasting seven weeks and a concurrent teaching internship in the areas of:

  • Effective teaching and learning
  • Engineering course design
  • Assessment of learning and teaching
  • E-learning course development

Program Objectives

Through active, discussion-based courses, participants will apply educational theory and tools to improve learning outcomes by:

  • Implementing innovative teaching practices
  • Improving learners’ thought processes, analytical, and problem-solving skills
  • Creating effective learning assessments
  • Using assessment data and student evaluations to improve learning outcomes

Program Requirements

To be considered for admission, candidates must:

  • Possess a bachelor’s degree or higher in an engineering, engineering technology, or computer science discipline.
  • Complete a formal application to USU via the Apply Now button to the right.

International Students: Additional requirements for international students (see below).

Additional Requirements

The average tuition cost for this two-semester program is $7,800 (varies based on residency status; see USU tuition and fee schedule).

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(Two 7-week courses)

(Two 7-week courses)

 EEDC 6450 Principles of Engineering Teaching
and Learning
3 cr EEDC 6090 Engineering Course Design 3 cr
 EEDC 6150 Assessing Learning and Teaching
in Engineering
3 cr EEDC 7310 E-Learing Course and 
Training Development in Engineering
3 cr
 EEDC 7900* Teaching Internship in Engineering Education 1 cr

Our 1-year, 13-credit program is divided into four 7-week courses. 

Students can enter the program in either spring or fall semester.

NOTE: All online courses in this certificate program will be taught in English. International students from non-English speaking countries are expected to be able to communicate in English, both orally and in writing, with the instructor as well as other fellow students in the class.

*The teaching internship component is completed throughout the program.