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Online Engineering Education

Online education can be highly rewarding and effective alternative method of learning especially in engineering-related disciplines. Furthermore, online learning offers flexibility and convenience while still retaining the integrity and academic rigor prescribed in traditional classroom learning experience. The state of online education is changing rapidly and much work needs to be done to improve students’ learning experience and ensure the quality of learning. Emerging issues in online learning research include online pedagogy (including online educational curriculum development), cutting-edge computer and Internet-based technologies that promote personalized and collaborative learning, and learning assessments.

Our faculty and students have engaged in this research area with great success. Some studies that have been conducted include efforts to investigate student’s self-efficacy and metacognitive strategies while engaged in interactive learning modules, the role of students’ professional experience in online learning, and the effectiveness of students’ learning while they participate in broadcast delivery instruction. The Engineering Education (EED) department offers a course that facilitates our doctoral students to learn the development of a sound online educational curriculum that not only focuses on the technology but also the teaching and learning sides of the online instruction. The EED department has also initiated a preliminary effort to develop an online certificate program designed to give the participating students mastery in several theories and practicum-based topics in engineering education.

Current Faculty Research Projects