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Engineering Workplace & Training

As we prepare the next generation of global engineers as well as meet the requirements of 21st-century engineering professional competencies in ABET, it will be important to help engineering students learn about workplace practices and prepare them for the complex projects they will face. This area of research focuses on the spectrum of areas, from the research to the workplace, regarding the preparation of potential and current engineering students. In addition, preparation of pre-service teachers and in-service teachers as they help develop the next generation of professional engineers is considered in this research area.

Professional Formation of 21st - century engineers to meet global and societal needs

Professional Formation of 21st-century engineers to meet global and societal needs

ENGR 1500: Introduction to Engineering

The purpose of this course is to help general engineering students to learn about the professional competencies and requirements of the engineering field as they relate to technical competencies across the disciplines. Furthermore, students will participate in modular engineering design projects representative of each engineering discipline and will also participate in student-led mentorship experiences. The course will also count as an undergraduate research credit in engineering.

Current Faculty Research Projects